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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Vegetarian Iftar Recipe | Egyptian Kosherie

Today we feature a special vegetarian iftar recipe from Egypt called the Kosherie. Kosherie is an Egyptian dish of spicy lentils, rice, pasta, and fried onions.

Vegetarian Iftar Recipe
Egyptian Kosherie


* ¾ c lentils
* 4½ c water
* 2¼ t salt
* 4 c tomatoes, chopped
* 2 cloves garlic, minced
* 1 fresh green chile, chopped
* 3 T vegetable oil
* 1 c basmati rice
* 4 c small onions, thinly sliced
* 1½ c elbow macaroni


1) Combine lentils, 3 c water, and ½ t salt in saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover, and simmer, stirring occasionally, about 40 minutes, until tender. If there's any water left, drain it before setting the lentils aside.

2) Meanwhile, place tomatoes, garlic, chile, 1 T oil, vinegar, and 1 t salt in blender and purée. Pour into another saucepan over high heat and boil, then reduce heat and simmer with no lid, stirring occasionally at the beginning and more frequently at the end, about 20-25 minutes, until thick.

3) Meanwhile, rinse the rice and drain. Heat oil in the third saucepan, add rice, 1½ c water, and ½ t salt, cover, and bring to a boil. Reduce to very low heat and simmer about 15 minutes, until rice is cooked and water is gone.

4) Meanwhile, heat ½ inch of oil in frying pan over high heat until very hot, then add half the onions and fry them stirring frequently, for about 10 minutes, until brown. Place on paper towels to drain, and sprinkle with a dash of salt. Repeat with the other onions.

5) When the hot sauce is ready, set aside and bring a pot of water to boil for the macaroni. Cook until just tender and drain.

6) Make piles lentils, rice, and pasta on platter, top of onions and a drizzle of hot sauce. Serve immediately with the remaining hot sauce on the side.

Try this Vegetarian Iftar Recipe Today!

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